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New classes Oct. 31st, 2005 @ 08:57 am
well i am off of vaction. Now i am going back to school, with the hope this will be the last time i will need to sigh up for classes.
we will see.

im off.
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one more to go.. I Hope =) Oct. 19th, 2005 @ 06:32 pm
Phew.. done with that semester.

YA.. happy dance.

Now the question is what other classes are there to go though.

I think my next semester will be a lot nicer… with 3 classes. Cool part. I got out of a class with my transfer credit =) so happy.
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Photobucket Oct. 12th, 2005 @ 08:27 am
This is a test post from Photobucket.com

Yosemite001 Oct. 11th, 2005 @ 09:55 am
I’m back.

Wow. What a nice trip. Yosemite always seems to show me what I need to see. Now currently I am a in a bit of a dilemma. I have about 300 pictures to upload. But, I need a good place to place them. I could use my photobucket account. But, I was hoping to host the files a bit closer to home. Any ways, the photos will be uploaded soon. Hopefully in the next couple of days. (less if I am proactive)

Lets see.
The adventure its self started on Wed. This is where the Van was taken off to Todd Bliss’s D-1 Class room in Pacific Grove High school. This was the location that all of the equipment was stored. The reason the Van was brought to That room early was to get it all filled with the equipment of the students. This allowed me to save time. With the schedule that I had with School, and work, I found my self in a bind with time.

There was an issue with my class in DeVry. I had this oral report due on the Thursday that I wanted to go. So, we decided to fill the van up with most of the equipment early so that I could go off with the van and get my stuff done. I headed out to School that Thursday morning and surprised my teacher in my Linux class. Mostly I was packing tell the last moment at home. I sat though that class always looking at the Clock. Then we headed off to Lab and I was glad that I could finish that lab so quickly. Then the class I had been witting fore. The Career Development class. My group was the first group up and we were able to finish up the topic in about 7 minits. We answered some questions and was complete. But, then the teacher caused a bit of a twist at the end. Where he said that he would not sine us in tell the END of calls. That meant that I had to sit though a lot of crap before I was ready to go. The last presentation was completed and I was finally let out of class around 5:00pm. I knew there was going to be a problem. And because of my packing I forgot to do a project. So, I quickly went down to the “C’ lab and competed the project. IN about 20 mins I had I had my home work done and I turned it in. then I ran out to the van and started my treck.

But, my new found freedom was short lived based on the issue of TEAFIC. It was 5pm. I had n o way to get anywhere fast. So I was suck trying get north enof to get to the point where I could go east. All I wanted to do is get away from society. But, the direction I was taking forced me though some of the worst traffic in my life. Not to mention I had the added stress of having everyone’s tents, sleeping bags, and other things. As I am traveling down the road I am finding that there is less and less population. Good thing. But, every time I get into one of these commuter towns I find my self a bit lost. Every town had there own little spin to the direction I was going. But, what really though me off was this one town. I have no idea what it was called. But, god it sucked. Any ways. I was fallowing the sign that said High way 140. Then there was this deture. This redirection pointed me to the right. So I fallowed the sign. The problem about that sign was the fact that it just dumped you. There was no way back to the location that you wanted to go. So I keep on going this direction that had no meaning. For about 2 hours I tried to find where I was going and how to get there. I was tired, frustrated, and just pissed at Towns in general for not being well marked. I wanted some way to find out where I was. But, no town would tell me where to go. All of the sign poles were pulled out and nothing made sense.

Once I made my self call in I found I was going in the wrong direction and that I had to back track. That made my heart fall. I found the same road I was on before I got to the redirection and I found that if I keep on my original path that I could be a lot better. So I saw the arrow again and this time I traveled past it. I just went my own way. About 5 blocks down the road I found my self at a stop light. And looking around I found that the direction of the HW 140 was to the LEFT. GOD. This sucked. The arrow at the deture was in the other direction. I was just so pissed at signs and other people and my self. Just mad. It was 9pm and I was not close to Yosemite at all. All I could do is move forward.

I finally get on my way and I get into the Yosemite Valley. But, about 3 miles before my destination I find my self at rode closer and another deture. So I find my self at another mental block. I cross over Sentinel Bridge and see that I am directed to take a right into a one way road. This is a road that has been a double one way road for some time. But, this time one of the lanes has been reversed. It is now a two way road. Just nuts. After doing a three point turn around and asking a truck driver how I was going to get accost to the camp grounds… he just expressed to me that was the road. This road bothered me. The double lines ran right into the dirt to the right. And down the road there was a very fant hint that there was some paint on the road. Just bad…. I travel down the road but, under much concern.

I get into cap around 11:30 and find my self with about 13 people looking for there sleeping bags and camp sacks. I off load as much stuff as fast as possible so that I could get to bed. But, it took about 20 mists to get everything out.

So… that was the begging of this weekend.
More to come.
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Just in case.... Oct. 5th, 2005 @ 07:41 pm
I am off To Yosemite... i will be up there for bout 5 days. If there is any pressing issues that you need to get in tuch with me about... well. i guess you can try my cell. (not sure if it will work out there) Do e-mail me and write me. I do love getting mail. =)

Untill next time.
I hope to be posting pics soon about this year though.

Untill next time all.
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» Wow.. what a nice Birth day.
Wow.. what a nice Birth day.

Just one of those Very well wished ones that worked out almost perficly. I was so happy to get e-mail, Voice messages, and phone calls with everyone wishing me a happy birthday. To everyone that did.. I so take you from the bottom of my heart. IT was so cool of you to think of me. It does mean a lot to me.

Just a wonderful day. I have not had one of these types of days in a LONG time. There is always room for improvement.. but, all and all I found the day very uplifting and powerful. =)

The conversations about everything and everyone were so nice. Love you all.

Thanks for a VERY memorable birthday.
» My b-day
so far a good day. =)

it is a wonderful day and the sun is shining.

just going to enjoy the day. It is going to be a wonderful night. =)
» just tierd
I guess there is nothing I can do about it. In this case, I found out that Auginstena just does not want to be in a relationship with anyone. It has to do with school. She wants to focus on that before trying to add anything else to the mix.

I started feel that there was a small problem when she would not call back to much. In fact the only reason why I was called for the movie was to just have some company. In other words I read that wrong. She did not see the hole movie thing as a dating thing at all. Mostly I was a person that was filling a seat next to her. Just a friend. =(.

I hate that word so much. Friend, it is one those words that strike at me. (in regard to relationships).

We were talking from about 6:45pm to about 9::10pm. In this conversation we found out that one of her friends was in a relationship where the Cloud nine mentality was on the down swing. Then some how we got into the conversation about what we did not like about each other. I guess I brought it up. I asked her what she did not like about me. And she mentioned something about not having fun and spending money. Then it was my tern to comment on that observation. I explained that I usually don’t spend money on my self but, I do seem to spend a LOT of money with my friends. But, it is not exactly for my self. Once she heard that she understood a bit better about me.

I told her that she is to busy… and mostly left it up to that. She retold me the reasons why she was going to school and why she did not want to be in a relationship.

I know that she works/school a lot. But, why to people go out most of the time. To find other people to be with. I guess I know that most of these people want to be out… but, don’t want to have anything to do with the hole dating thing. That is the confusing part between both.

We got into how I approached her and how it worked and did not.. what to do kind of stuff. But, there was this issue that she brought to the surface. She was noticing that I do the same thing with women. Where I try to be there friend and then move on from there. Some how she was taking an issue with that. The fact that she was not unique, that all of my other friends were started in the same fashion. So I tried to turn it around. It tried to explain to her that all of her boyfriends / husband had the same kind of game plan. To try to date or marrie her. I think I got a bit of that concept.

Mostly I feel like I always do after I have been told that it won’t work out. Just down and not at 100%. I keep on trying to tell my self that the next one will work out. But, time and time again it just seems to end abruptly.

So…. I am heading off to Yosemite for about 5 days. I will be back some time around Monday night.

If you need me I will be out there from thrusday –Monday.

Oh… and I guess my b-day is tomorrow to. So, we will see how many people notice.
» i never expected
Holy crap. I … I am stunned. I never though she would e-mail me/ get in tough with me again.

Last night was a very interesting night. Augistina called me on Sunday asking me out on a move date. She explained to me that she would be getting back into town around 9pm from school. Then from there we were going to meet up at the mall. I got there early… because I felt I did not want to show up late to this. But, as time went on I found my self staring at the “what’s playing” board. I noticed that there were a lot of pg-13 movies at the moment. Any ways, the movie that she wanted to go see was Unfinished life. A nice slow movie with no explosions. OH well. But, it was very nicely shot. Great cinematography. The movie ended and we were left out to the cold. I knew that she had to get home and I had to fight my self not to talk to her for another 4 hours in the cold. We said our good byes and we parted ways. I do hope she calls again soon. =)

Now on to the part of the story I was NOT expecting. This morning when I woke up I got an e-mail from Crystal!!! HOLY CRAP. Just something I was NEVER that would happen. In the e-mail she said that she was at work and that she had little time to fire off this e-mail. Her intention was for some kind of meeting with her, Josh and I. I wrote a note down and sent it back to her.

It does make me wonder if she wants to have friends back agin. The continuation of that though makes me wonder if I want her back or not. But, I think that though is overwhelmed by my curious feelings I get form what I have heard about her. In some ways I want to show off and prove that I am better then who I was. Then there is the other side of me that just does not cair. I feel that I am to excited about this meeting. This is a dangers feeling. I should not feel this way because of all of the things she had put me though. I should not cair to see her…. I just wish it was in my nature to dump things that are not helpful. It kills me to try to be that simple.

Well. I guess I will tell you what I know… when I know it.

What a rollercoaster of emotions this last 2 weeks have been for me.
» growing conserns
For the last cupple of monts i have had this issue with my emotions. Currently eny time i see or hear about a reltionship... i find my self getting appoled or jelus to the relationshp. Recingly i found out that one o f my friends Jennel... that i have had a crush on for over 2 years... got into a relation ship. This news has put me in such a down-word spirle. I am just crushed. I have no pashence any more. i dont cair to hear about your relationsip. I am just a bitter and sad person now.

i just don't cair any more.
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