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there are times when i am on line.. and i keep feeling like i need to break away from my sit down job. it comes when i am surring around looking at all this amazing art that groups/ people are doing. and i know that i can do that too.

then the practicaly of the universe attacks.. and i did promice my self if i have payed clients ... enough where it is becomeing a problem and constily.. .then i will change. but, at this momnet not one client is reasking to be in a shoot. so there it is. i have some of the heart but, no action to the thing i want to be doing.

you ask about the word "some" well photographers use the platform to just get with girls. I am not doing that. But, i am using it to get out side and explor and even create. the odd part is the "model" part of the busness is just that. they are always beautiful and have a magical fire that allow sthem to be increidble infrot of the camera. but, who are they .. what world choices allowed her to find this path and how does he/ she find energy to keep up with the lifestyle...

some of these questions i would love to know. and i guess with a select few .. i will be able to ask. some people are just pritty .. some people know how to move.. but, i know for my self.. one quesion i love to ask is why. and the choices to the why are so importand. the path to me ... that does not sounds right.. but, here me out.

if you are standing in front of me there are a lot of reaons why you got there. and most of thoes reasons are the things i like to know about.

i guess i could flip it and ask why do i like the why. but, i guess for me i could be for the gratter understanding and for the comrodery of the gorup. some people will see it as a good thing.. others as a pore way to get info. not sure what it is some times. but, it is very nice to at lest have an open heart to ask the words why and hope that some one might respond. =)
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