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Previous Entry sleepy again Jun. 12th, 2015 @ 01:34 pm Next Entry
i guess it is that time of the day where i find my self slepey and trying to figure out how to pull more energy out of my self.
Hmm yep.. all i want to do is nap from 2-5 pm.. that would be so nice.. Hmmm even on vaction i cant do that . hahahha oh well.
lets see

yesterday i started work on a different picture of an old photo shoot. enjoying that using the new skills on old photos.
about 40% done with it.

lets seee... Saterday and sunday i don't have much planed. just hoping to find some good stuff to do.

Last wed the grandparents dropped of a bunkbed. just for fun i decided to sleep in it. it was comfy enough.. and i did pass out.. and that was nice. i think this weekend is going to be moving a lot of things around so that we can install the bed in a better location. we will see..

Other then not to much else going on. =)
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