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Previous Entry not so sleeply Jun. 10th, 2015 @ 09:39 am Next Entry
Tuesday Hmm yesterday... the summer has most defiantly asserted its self here in the PG/monterey area. we are seeing temps in the near 70s hahaha. ya.. it was mostly cloudy yesterday but, there was a sliver of worth to it.

While at MPC i got some phone calls one of them happen to be my Counselor. she was checking in on me and i was very happy to tell her quickly about what i have been doing. From the 30s shoot, how the relationship is going, and the mood of the family. She did not have a lot of time to give me.. but, at lest she made an effort and i was happy to hear from her.

I also got to work on some processing. what that means to me... is that i would find an old pic and use new skills on the picture. i have about 4 new shots to post. i have not had the effort to post them yet. but, i am excited to do so.
I use the Frequency Seperation Technique that is free. but, recintly i decided to try another tact. and use Doge Birn techniques to see if that would work for me. so now i am stuck between skills and i know it will be an intresting battle to see what one works for what and when. =)
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