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almost time Jun. 18th, 2015 @ 01:35 pm
so this weekend..
this weekend is going to be interesting.
there are a couple tests going on this weekend.
the first is the fact that i am excited for the weekend.
the second part is i am also conserned about how it will pan out.

On Saturday the 20th.. i get to go on a shoot. Woot. this shoot will be one model 5 phtographers. so that is cool.

The issue that usually pop up before and after tho.
i am so hoping thoes issles will not float around. there is a lot to do.

i have been day dreaming about the shoot all week

i am so hoping some of these ideas work out the way we want.

struggles Jun. 12th, 2015 @ 02:57 pm
there are times when i am on line.. and i keep feeling like i need to break away from my sit down job. it comes when i am surring around looking at all this amazing art that groups/ people are doing. and i know that i can do that too.

then the practicaly of the universe attacks.. and i did promice my self if i have payed clients ... enough where it is becomeing a problem and constily.. .then i will change. but, at this momnet not one client is reasking to be in a shoot. so there it is. i have some of the heart but, no action to the thing i want to be doing.

you ask about the word "some" well photographers use the platform to just get with girls. I am not doing that. But, i am using it to get out side and explor and even create. the odd part is the "model" part of the busness is just that. they are always beautiful and have a magical fire that allow sthem to be increidble infrot of the camera. but, who are they .. what world choices allowed her to find this path and how does he/ she find energy to keep up with the lifestyle...

some of these questions i would love to know. and i guess with a select few .. i will be able to ask. some people are just pritty .. some people know how to move.. but, i know for my self.. one quesion i love to ask is why. and the choices to the why are so importand. the path to me ... that does not sounds right.. but, here me out.

if you are standing in front of me there are a lot of reaons why you got there. and most of thoes reasons are the things i like to know about.

i guess i could flip it and ask why do i like the why. but, i guess for me i could be for the gratter understanding and for the comrodery of the gorup. some people will see it as a good thing.. others as a pore way to get info. not sure what it is some times. but, it is very nice to at lest have an open heart to ask the words why and hope that some one might respond. =)
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sleepy again Jun. 12th, 2015 @ 01:34 pm
i guess it is that time of the day where i find my self slepey and trying to figure out how to pull more energy out of my self.
Hmm yep.. all i want to do is nap from 2-5 pm.. that would be so nice.. Hmmm even on vaction i cant do that . hahahha oh well.
lets see

yesterday i started work on a different picture of an old photo shoot. enjoying that using the new skills on old photos.
about 40% done with it.

lets seee... Saterday and sunday i don't have much planed. just hoping to find some good stuff to do.

Last wed the grandparents dropped of a bunkbed. just for fun i decided to sleep in it. it was comfy enough.. and i did pass out.. and that was nice. i think this weekend is going to be moving a lot of things around so that we can install the bed in a better location. we will see..

Other then not to much else going on. =)
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not so sleeply Jun. 10th, 2015 @ 09:39 am
Tuesday Hmm yesterday... the summer has most defiantly asserted its self here in the PG/monterey area. we are seeing temps in the near 70s hahaha. ya.. it was mostly cloudy yesterday but, there was a sliver of worth to it.

While at MPC i got some phone calls one of them happen to be my Counselor. she was checking in on me and i was very happy to tell her quickly about what i have been doing. From the 30s shoot, how the relationship is going, and the mood of the family. She did not have a lot of time to give me.. but, at lest she made an effort and i was happy to hear from her.

I also got to work on some processing. what that means to me... is that i would find an old pic and use new skills on the picture. i have about 4 new shots to post. i have not had the effort to post them yet. but, i am excited to do so.
I use the Frequency Seperation Technique that is free. but, recintly i decided to try another tact. and use Doge Birn techniques to see if that would work for me. so now i am stuck between skills and i know it will be an intresting battle to see what one works for what and when. =)
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sleepy Jun. 9th, 2015 @ 02:12 pm
not exactly sure why i am so sleepy.
i so wish that work would allow me to sleep at there place. Typing this out.. is kinda a chore today.. most of the time i am able to babble along for a bit. for for what ever... reason this time it feels like a chore.

I guess i get sleepy due to the fact i am not off line much. i spend a lot of my days seeing other peoples art.. and amazing things they are doing. Then i get all messed up trying my best not to be all jelous. i know that is shalow and the easyest way to fix it would be do do stuff. but, i am at work. i can't do much from here. So i watch and i hope.. but for some reason i don't plan. i hope that i will be able to do it.. but i don't plan on doing it.

Hmm if i want to do it.. i need to truly plan for it. but, being tierd or not thinking is very addictive. Hmm i need to plan on expressing what i want and then plaing out how to do it.. then doing it.

should not be that bad.
but, for some reason i make it messy. so many things to hide behind.
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Other entries
» Back.. and a bit of expression.
im back.. wow.. i am so surprised that i even found the old password.

changes.. hmm there have been a bit of change. i have a story or two to talk about.. and with time we will get though them all.

why i am back.. a friend of mine asked me to vent. this was a place at one time where i could do that. and i am glad i get to find that expresson one more time. i hope it does not backfire on me but i am happy i get to at lest vent off some of my ideas.

lets keep it short this time.. i do hope to add much more.

From an old friend.. Todd Davalos
» time
it has been a fair amount of time since i last updated this thing.
I guess most of my time has been away from this time of expression.

I have found a good gruop of people to be with... most of them are on the computer, in a game Called World of Warcraft. All of us are having a great time in there.

But, The rest of of my time is spent trying to make it thought the School as best as possible.

home work is going to suck for the rest of this month.. but, in 9 weeks i will be out of school.. WOw.. just differnt.

but, i have a cupple more jumps to go.
» I hate SONY so much
this is one of thoes things that totaly piss me off.
i don't usualy get upset about things that other companys do to me.. But, this is one of thoes things that pushes all of my buttons.

I just wish that there was a way i could get back at sony so that they don't EVER do this to us again.

if you have the time.. PLESE read the above url.
» i go in
lets put it this way...
i am going in for a procedure. and i can't eat.
i am hungry.. and i will be grogy for the rest of tomarrow.

» well this is diffent
wow.. this id a differnt feel for LJ.
glad for the upgrade.. but, totay differnt.
i guess my PDA is a out of update.. Hmm..
i guess i won't be updateing form my pda for a while. hmm.
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